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This directory contains an extensive list of recyclers operating in Maryland. The companies listed have provided their information to in order to make it easier for your business to recycle. We make no representation as to the quality or nature of services provided. Please contact the company directly to confirm their information before delivering materials to them. Your participation will go a long way towards making Maryland a leader in recycling efforts.

This directory was last updated on 8-2-2023 (last major revision to this directory was completed on 6-30-23).

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M&W Computer Services
MD 23452
Phone: (757) 449-7397
Contact: Gary Melander
Computer hardware Computer Hardware up to 500 pounds does not take CRTs and printers
PCs for People Maryland
2901 E. Biddle Street
Baltimore, MD 21213
Phone: 443-396-7247
Contact: Sandra Ramos, 765-894-4498,
Donated computers are digitally sanitized, refurbished, and redistributed to low-income individuals. Computers and other e-waste that cannot be redistributed will be recycled responsibly. Laptops-Tablets, Desktop PCs, Monitors, Cables & Accessories Circuit Boards-Cards, Computer Mice, Computer Power Supplies, Gaming Devices, Hard Drives, Keyboards, Media Speakers Network Devices, CRT-Tube Monitors and Televisions, Cable Set Top Box (analog, digital, satellite), Accessories & Cables Plasma & LCD TVs, Stereo Equipment, Hi-Fi Speakers, Video Players, Digital Cameras, DVD Players, Video Cameras, Game Consoles, Large Screen TVs, Servers, Storage Arrays, Network Related Equipment, Power Distribution Units, Routers and Switches, Cabling Switchgear, Panelboard, Mainframe Equipment, Server Racks, Cell Phones-Smart Phones, Personal Digital Assistants, MP3 Players, Phones and Communication, Fax Machines, Video & Audio Equipment, PBX Systems, Projection Equipment, Security Equipment, Receivers and Transmitters, Desktop Printers, Large Format Printers and Copiers, Smart Boards. PCs for People cannot accept home appliances and light bulbs. Materials accepted from businesses and all industry types (small and large), individuals, and recycling partners. Minimum amount of 15 usable computers. We provide white-glove service when picking up the equipment. For deliveries to our warehouse the equipment can be dropped off appointments required. Currently, PCs for People in Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Paul, Denver, and Cleveland are NAID AAA-certified. PCs for People in St. Paul and Denver are R2-certified. All PCs for People facilities follow NAID-AAA and R2 policies and processes regardless of official certification. We are proud to offer FREE recycling for nearly all computer-related electronics, with a few exceptions: CRT (tube) computer monitors and televisions cost 55 cents per pound to recycle, Multifunction copiers cost 25 cents per pound, MAP LINK