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This directory contains an extensive list of recyclers operating in Maryland. The companies listed have provided their information to in order to make it easier for your business to recycle. We make no representation as to the quality or nature of services provided. Please contact the company directly to confirm their information before delivering materials to them. Your participation will go a long way towards making Maryland a leader in recycling efforts.

This directory was last updated on 8-2-2023 (last major revision to this directory was completed on 6-30-23).

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Oil Antifreeze and Filters

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ACV Enviro – Republic Services
2931 Whittington Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 800-777-4557
Environmental contractor. Roll-off boxes are rented out. Hazardous & non-hazardous materials, batteries, all mercury, motor oil, antifreeze, fluorescent lights. Materials accepted from businesses, government. 24-hour emergency spill response. Vacuum and vactor truck services. MAP LINK
Broadview Waste Services (BWS Inc.)
7610 Energy Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21226
Phone: (410) 437-6590 or 800-660-6581
Fax: (410) 437-6590
Contact: Tim Pickering
Regulated Waste Treatment, Transfer & Storage. Processor - Recovered Metals & Plastics. Batteries, Dental Mercury, Electronics, Fluorescent Lamps, PCB Ballasts, Motor Oil & Anti-freeze, Mercury Thermometers, Paper & Paper Shredding. Pick-up or Deliveries accepted. No radioactive waste accepted. Materials should arrive in DOT certified containers, but if not we will provide. Permitted to handle medical & hazardous wastes. MAP LINK
One North Shore Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone: (412) 321-9800
Fax: (412) 321-9802
Contact: James Cipollone
High Yield #4 and #5 Recovered Fuel, Lube Stock, Recycled Antifreeze. Products are used as alternative to virgin fuels, to manufacture new lubricants and in automotive cooling systems. Used oil, fuel oil, lube oil, antifreeze, oil filters & non-hazardous oily wastes. Environmental management services related to used oil recycling, recovered fuel oil sales, oil filter recycling and antifreeze. Materials arrive by transport tanker, vacuum truck, drums, totes. All vehicles must be appropriately licensed, permitted & insured and material must be properly manifest & certified as non-hazardous. MAP LINK
Lorco of Maryland, LLC
171 Childs Road
Elkton, MD 21921
Phone: (410) 392-0971
Fax: (410) 620-3139
Oil Recovery - Industrial Fuel Used oil (including: motor oil, #2 oil, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, transmission oil, gear lubricants, transformer oil) used antifreeze, used oil filters & waste liquids/solids, and gasoline. Call for free pick-ups; min. amounts 100 gallons oil, 100 gallons antifreeze, 2 55-gallon drums of oil filters. Will not take gasoline, radiator flush, chlorinated solvents, brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner, PCB contaminated oil, antifreeze mixed with oil, products with TCE & antifreeze mixed with oil. MAP LINK
MetalPro Incorporated
7956 Twist Lane
Springfield, VA 22153
Phone: (703) 451-8300
Fax: (703) 451-5062
Solid Waste Hauling Service Scrap metal, scrap tires, used oil filters. Primarily a hauler, they also process and recycle used oil filters. Haul from generators to processors, usually less than tractor trailer load. MAP LINK
Mid-States Oil Refining Company
5501 Pennington Ave
Baltimore, MD 21226
Phone: (410) 354-9500
Fax: (410) 355-0641
Oil & Antifreeze. Used Motor Oil, Used Antifreeze & Oily Water. Provide collection service, minimum of 55 gallons, call ahead before drop-off. MAP LINK
Safety Kleen Corporation (Baltimore)
1448 Desoto Road
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: (410) 525-0001
Contact: Tom Hughes, Manager
Service, Recycled Oil, Recycled Mercury. Fluorescent Light Tubes, Mercury Contaminated Devices, Used Motor Oil, Used Antifreeze, Waste Oils, Dental Mercury, Paint Waste, X-Ray Film They provide on-call pickup service. They provide boxes for about 40 fluorescent light tubes & pick them up when they are full. They also provide mailing boxes for mercury switches. MAP LINK
VLS Environmental Solutions (Baltimore)
3300 Childs Street
Baltimore, MD 21216
Phone: (833) 342-5372
Contact: Sean Senft
Field Services, Oil Recycling, Containerized Waste & Bulk Liquid Transport & Disposal, Roll off Used oil, Non-Hazardous waste, Hazardous containerized waste, Electronic & Universal Waste, C&D, Clean Fill, Cardboard, Metal, Wood, MSW, industrial waste water and sludges ERC is committed to providing turn-key, environmentally sound waste management solutions using the latest technologies to help our customers meet their sustainability goals. MAP LINK